Die Sunset Sons sind einer der neuesten Musikentdeckungen. Ich durfte die Jungs – allesamt leidenschaftliche Surfer – vor ihrem Auftritt auf dem Straend-Festival in Berlin interviewen! Here we go!

(Das Interview ist auf englisch, die deutsche Version findest Du auf der Website des Blue Mags)

1. Would you say your music is influenced by surfing (f.e. thinking of your song “On The Road”), and if yes, how?

We all surf but we don’t write about surfing. We’re not the Beach Boys but we are definitely more productive in the studio if we have had a few waves in the morning.

2.  What do have surfing and music in common? Despite passion?

Jed: I think the main similarity is that you are never finished learning either of them. We are still learning every day how to write better songs and progress as a band. And I still can’t land an air reverse.

3. Most of us would love to get to Australia, although we Germans also like France as surfing destination….(BTW: Personally I also like the UK, Cornwall and North Devon too!). So…why France as your base?

Hossegor is where we met. It’s where our friends are and where the weather and waves are to our liking. It’s also where we do our best work as a band.

4. You all share the love with surfing and music. But do you share the waves? Peace or war?

Ha. There’s always a little healthy competition when we are in the water but we push each other at the same time.

5. Describe the best surf session you’ve ever had together.

There’s been a lot actually. We had a great day yesterday surfing in Cornwall the day after we played Boardmasters festival in Newquay – which was beautiful. We all got a few and then had a couple ciders after.

6. Describe the worst session.

Every time you get wet, it’s worth it.

7. What do you think about Berlin and Berlin as a surfing hub? Honestly 😉

Jed: I actually used to work for a German surf camp near Hossegor. I’ve got a lot of German friends who surf really well. It doesn’t matter where you are from.

8. What can we expect from your performance on the Straend Festival in Berlin? Will you bring your surfboards?

We can’t wait to play Berlin again. Our last show there was ace. There’s always some boards in the van. We always bring skateboards too.

9. In terms of learning to surf: what advise would you give to catch more waves?

Foam is your friend!

10. What are your favorite surf boards?

Rory: 5’ 10” Plonka
Pete: 5’ 8” Al Merrick #4
Robin: 6’ 0 Chipiron Flyin’ Fish
Jed: 5′ 11“ Fred Rubble

11. Goofy or regular?

Rory: Regular
Pete: Regular
Robin: Goofy
Jed: Regular Baby.

12. Your tour calendar is stuffed, no time for surfing it seems… How to survive the flat spell?

We always manage to get in the water somehow…and if not, there’s always skating. And it’s ALWAYS 6 foot and offshore in the bar!

Die Sunset Sons spielen am 15. August 2015 innerhalb der Surf Week Berlin auf dem Straend Festival. Ein weiterer Termin in Berlin ist der 16. Oktober. Weitere Tourdaten findest Du unter www.sunsetsons.com.

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